Tulsa and OKC’s MacNet is advanced wireless monitoring for your Commercial Fire Alarm or Security System. No more hassles and no need for cable, phone lines, or recurring monthly costs to get a new system or to maintain your current one.MacNet is a private mesh radio communications network that provides more reliability than alternatives by using redundancy of multiple signal pathways to a central station. MacNet signals are received by the central station in 2 seconds or less.  When a fire can double in size every 30 seconds, the speed and reliability of your monitoring system becomes vital to protecting people and property. MacNet is a mesh radio technology that is conceptually simple. Signals that need to get from a monitored alarm panel to the central monitoring station may either go directly from a MacNet subscriber at the alarm panel to the MacNet receiver at the Central Station or it will “hop” through other MacNet subscribers along the way via one of many possible routes until it gets a confirmed delivery at the Central Station. This provides a much more reliable means of having any system monitored.

Voice Evacuation

Standalone Communications – No 3rd Party – No telephone, GSM, or Internet Fees. Your system will always work and is not subject totechnological enhancements or trade-outs.

Networked Fire Alarm Systems

MacNet is independent from cellular networks. That means no jamming, noexpensive upgrades, no infrastructure changes and sunsets, no outages ormandatory hikes in fees.

Releasing Systems

Your system will always be up and running regardless of weather,accidents, natural disasters, or problems with the phone company.

Smoke Aspirating Systems

MacNet is NFPA 72 compliant and UL listed and approved for use in primary AND secondary alarm signaling.

Linear Detection

Installation of MacNet allows you to immediately open or gain acertificate of occupancy faster for new buildings. MacNet requireslittle installation time and offers immediate monitoring – no cablingand no IT department involved.

Gas Detection

Using MacNet means you no longer have to depend on the tenants’ phone lines for fire alarm monitoring. You’re in control.