It’s the beginning of a new year. As an Oklahoma business owner, you may be reevaluating services that your company uses to see if things can be streamlined or if additional cost savings are available. One such service that is good to reexamine is the fire and burglar alarm monitoring service your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business uses.

As technology changes and criminal activity in an area increases, it’s important to see if your alarm monitoring service is providing all the safety and security possible for your business. Another type of monitoring service may be a better fit. Many business owners are switching to MacNet wireless alarm monitoring. Have you looked into the features of MacNet? It may be the best fire or burglar alarm monitoring for your Tulsa or OKC company! Why do we say that?

MacNet is an alarm monitoring service that won’t become obsolete.

POTS If your current fire or burglar alarm monitoring service uses a traditional telephone line, you may need to upgrade equipment in the coming few years. Plain-old-telephone-service (POTS) is losing ground in the battle against Internet-based technology. According to some reports, 20
states (including Oklahoma) have voted to allow AT&T to end landline service altogether. This means that companies will have to move toward wireless phone lines and will need to connect their alarm monitoring to another communications system.

Even if you currently use an Internet or cellular service to connect to your fire or burglar alarm monitoring, you will always be subject to sunsets, required costly upgrades, or mandatory hikes in fees associated with these third-party communication services.

Not only does MacNet use timeless radio technology that will not become obsolete, it eliminates the need of these third-party communications fees as well as eliminating any required upgrades.

MacNet is the most reliable fire and burglar alarm monitoring service.

storms oklahomaThird-party communications such as telephone, GSM, or Internet service can more easily be tampered with, damaged, or fail during severe
weather or natural disasters. Burglars are familiar with how to cut phone or Internet lines. Power outages can quickly disrupt the phone lines and then leave your fire and burglar alarm monitoring system vulnerable.

MacNet isn’t dependent on any of these third-party power grids and thus will always be up and running even through severe weather or power outages. MacNet uses wireless mesh radio technology to send alarm signals to the central station using a redundancy of signal pathways. If one pathway is blocked, the signal will “hop” across other MacNet subscribers along many possible routes until it’s confirmed at the central station. Does this take longer than traditional systems? No, in fact, it’s often significantly faster and more reliable than traditional networks – MacNet signals are received in 2 seconds or less.

MacNet offers more flexibility, independence, and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Is your business expanding or moving in 2018? Would you like to lower costs of alarm monitoring? MacNet is the answer! Whereas traditional communications networks may cause you to be dependent on a tenant’s phone lines or public infrastructure, MacNet wireless alarm monitoring is not dependend on third-party communications. This means you have greater control in setting up your system and you can gain a certificate of occupancy faster for new buildings because you can have immediate alarm monitoring.

Radio Network alarm monitoringInstalling a wireless system like MacNet gives you much more flexibility and simplicity when it comes to installation and diagnostics. MacNet is an out-of-the-box solution with transmitters that automatically self-enroll to the network. With MacNet, there’s no need to drill holes, run cable, or even have an IT department on-hand when installing the system. Thus, this wireless mesh radio technology can even be taken into remote areas.

And because this is a standalone system that doesn’t require third-party communications, has easy installation, and does not require expensive upgrades like other networks, wireless burglar alarm monitoringMacNet offers the lowest total cost of ownership products and services among fire and burglar alarm monitoring providers.

If your fire and burglar alarm monitoring service doesn’t offer these advantages, it may be time to switch to the more reliable and more cost-effective service of MacNet wireless alarm monitoring. Find out more at