Are you looking for a new alarm monitoring service for your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business? The end of the year is a good time to reevaluate various aspects of your company, including the monitoring service for your fire and burglar alarms. Maybe you’re looking for a more reasonably-priced service or something that will be more reliable during a power outage. Or maybe you don’t have any alarm monitoring system installed yet. Whatever the incentive for shopping around, check out these top 5 reasons to choose MacNet alarm monitoring in Tulsa and OKC over traditional types of monitoring.

1. Most reliable alarm monitoring service.

Traditional alarm monitoring using telephone lines or the Internet can fail if the lines are damaged,whether because of power outages, natural burglar alarm monitoringdisasters, or burglars cutting the line. Wireless alarm monitoring using MacNet, however, will always be up and running because it isn’t dependent on these power grids. MacNet is a proprietary wireless mesh radio communications network that uses a redundancy of signal pathways to ensure signals always reach the central station.

What happens if a pathway is blocked somehow? Signals will simply “hop” through other MacNet subscribers along any one of numerous possible routes until delivery is confirmed at the central station. This wireless mesh radio system automatically re-routes and self-heals so that the signal will always get through. How fast is this delivery? MacNet signals are received by the central station in 2 seconds or less. This means that not only is MacNet more reliable than alternative monitoring services but it is also significantly faster than traditional networks. Using timeless radio technology makes MacNet service much more reliable and tamper-proof than other third-party communication systems.

2. Lower costs with no third-party fees.

Not only is MacNet more reliable than other types of monitoring, but it is also more cost-effective. It actually offers the lowest cost of ownership for two main reasons. One reason is that by using a private mesh radio network, third-party communication fees are eliminated. With MacNet, you will not have to pay fees for telephone, Internet, or cellular service connected to the alarm monitoring.

The second reason MacNet alarm monitoring offers the lowest total cost of ownership is that this technology does not require repeated costly upgrades like other communications. This timeless mesh radio technology is not subject to the sunsets, changing cellular standards, or mandatory hikes in fees that so often come with other communication networks.

3. Easier installation.

With a wireless alarm monitoring system, installation is easier, quicker, and often at a lower cost than other systems. MacNet offers Tulsa and OKC businesses an out-of-the-box solution with transmitters that automatically self-enroll in the network. Thus, there is no need to drill holes or run cable and no IT department is required to install MacNet.

4. More control and independence.

With no third-party communications involved, you are in control. You don’t have to rely on a tenant’s phone lines for fire alarm monitoring or on the public infrastructure in general with MacNet alarm monitoring. Businesses using MacNet are thus not under the normal constraints or required upgrades of third-party communication providers. This wireless alarm monitoring system allows you to immediately open or gain a certificate of occupancy faster for new buildings because it offers immediate monitoring. MacNet is privately owned and is part of a local company so you don’t have to manage multiple services or providers.

5. Increased flexibility and easier troubleshooting.

Using a wireless alarm monitoring system allows for much more flexibility over wired systems when it comes to installation and diagnostics. MacNet alarm monitoring can be taken into even remote areas where most other monitoring systems are unsuccessful.

This fire and burglar alarm monitoring service uses wireless two-way radio communications so any diagnostics can be performed remotely Wireless alarm Monitoringwithout a technician sent out. MacNet is approved for use in primary and secondary alarm signaling. It is also NFPA 72 compliant and UL Listed.

Tulsa or OKC alarm monitoring service from MacNet delivers unparalleled service and support for business owners who want to make their company safer and more secure. Call today to find out more about how MacNet can save your company time, energy, and money while delivering better protection.