Are you searching for a burglar alarm monitoring provider in Tulsa or Oklahoma City? Some may think that all alarm monitoring companies are alike, but that is simply not the case. Most alarm monitoring services use a third-party landline, IP/broadband, or cellular technology, and today we’ll discuss why these traditional systems are not the most reliable way of monitoring your business. MacNet, however, stands apart from the competition with proprietary wireless technology that you can depend on.

Where Traditional Alarm Monitoring Technologies Are Lacking

Typical alarm monitoring systems using POTS, Internet, or cellular technology are vulnerable to a variety of things that could disrupt service. These traditional systems can suffer failure due to damaged lines, whether telephone or Internet, as well as power surges and outages. Weather-related system disruption can be frustrating and even dangerous in Tulsa and OKC where our weather is often unpredictable. And particularly in a state that is susceptible to severe weather, having a burglar alarm monitoring service that will be reliable in all kinds of conditions is vital.storm damage

In addition to being defenseless in severe weather and natural disasters, traditional alarm monitoring is also more vulnerable to criminals whocould quickly cut telephone or Internet lines to disable monitoring during a burglary. And even if unpredictable weather or burglars do not sabotage the phone/Internet lines or cellular, an alarm monitoring system will still be at the mercy of these third-party communication systems and the quality and consistency of their service.

Another huge concern for Tulsa and OKC business owners is how soon traditional monitoring technologies will need to be upgraded because of sunsets and other FCC rules that they have no control over. In January, the FCC reportedly authorized sunset of copper phone lines or POTS. We have also seen the sunset of 2G GSM service and within the coming few years, reports are showing that 3G cellular services will also experience similar sunset rules. This forces Tulsa and OKC business owners using these traditional alarm monitoring technologies to either perform costly upgrades or switch to a monitoring service that won’t become outdated. Is there a burglar alarm monitoring technology that would fix these problems? Yes!

The Solution to Third-Party Alarm Monitoring Communication Issues

Wireless burglar alarm monitoring using MacNet offers a reliable solution to the aforementioned service problems. MacNet is a private mesh radio network that uses multiple signal pathways to send signals to the receiving station. Through this redundancy of pathways, signals can “hop” through other MacNet subscribers along numerous possible routes until delivery is confirmed. This creates a faster response and a more streamlined and dependable system.

Radio Network alarm monitoringAnd this faster response time (in 2 seconds or less) is generally at a lower cost than traditional alarm monitoring because there are no third-party communication fees.

One fire protection expert noted that the mesh radio network, “provides for a more robust communication system at a reduced cost; no phone bills and no phone maintenance… Furthermore, the mesh radio network has the capability to incorporate life safety and environmental signals by monitoring alarm signals over the same network used for security, temperature monitoring, and carbon monoxide detection.”

Thus, as a single source provider, MacNet’s service is not contingent on third-party support or service. Not having to rely on multiple providers or manage multiple services creates a more dependable alarm monitoring system. MacNet is privately-owned and is part of a local company that understands the needs of the community.MacNet Wireless alarm Monitoring

Using timeless radio technology means that MacNet won’t be subject to the sunsets or upgrade requirements of other communicationproviders. MacNet will always be up and running and requires little installation.

Call MacNet today to see why so many Tulsa and OKC business owners are choosing wireless mesh radio for their burglar alarm monitoring service!