Burglary is one of the greatest threats to a business’ survival, and burglary in Tulsa and Oklahoma City only seems to be increasing. Having an updated burglar alarm system thus becomes crucial to protect business continuity.  But while installing a burglar alarm is helpful to deterring criminals, monitoring of this security system is equally, if not more, important. How do you know which burglar alarm monitoring service to choose? What factors should you consider when choosing your alarm monitoring?

How Reliable is the Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service?

Of course, one of the first things you should consider is how dependable the monitoring service will be in a variety of situations. How fast will an alarm signal reach the monitoring station so that they can send emergency help? Could burglars easily tamper with the monitoring equipment? What would happen in a power outage or other weather event? Does the monitoring system depend on a third-party communications system that could be adversely effected by weather or other events?

Burglar alarm monitoring with MacNet wireless monitoring in Tulsa and OKC provides a more reliable service than traditional alarm MacNet Van burglar alarm monitoringmonitoring because it uses a redundancy of multiple radio signal pathways to reach the central station. Using this private mesh radio network, signals will either go directly from the MacNet subscriber at the alarm panel to the central station receiver or it will “hop” through other MacNet subscribers along one of many possible routes until it gets a confirmed delivery at the central station. This redundancy creates an incredibly reliable monitoring service where MacNet signals reach the central station in 2 seconds or less.

Because it uses a wireless mesh radio network, it is not dependent on third-party communications such as the phone lines or the Internet that could be cut by a burglar or damaged in a storm. This means the alarm monitoring system will always be up and running regardless of weather, natural disasters, accidents, or problems with the phone company.

Are There Extra Costs Involved?

Many burglar alarm monitoring services use a third-party communications system to send alarm signals. Whether they use phone lines, cellular service, or the Internet, monitoring services that use these third-party systems will have significant extra fees. With traditional phone lines, there is usually a monthly fee with each line. With VoIP, there is usually a monthly Internet fee, and with cellular there is a monthly fee and often a fee for transmission. But with wireless mesh radio, there are no third-party fees.

In time these third-party communications may also require expensive upgrades with their technology or infrastructure. Because MacNet uses radio technology, the alarm monitoring system will not become obsolete or require costly technological enhancements.

The MacNet wireless alarm monitoring system is also more cost-effective to maintain because the transceivers feature two-way communication, making it possible to conduct diagnostic tests remotely, without having to send a technician.

Is it Code Compliant?

It’s extremely important that your burglar alarm monitoring service is compliant with all local and national safety codes. MacNet wireless alarm monitoring is UL Listed and NFPA 72 code compliant. It is also approved for use in primary and secondary alarm signaling.

How Difficult Will It Be to Install?

Will the alarm monitoring system require an extensive and costly installation? If so, this could not only be expensive but could also significantly impact your business’ opening date. MacNet is easy to install with no cabling, wiring, trenching, or radio towers involved. With this wireless alarm system, the mesh radio transceivers make up the network and automatically self-enroll into the system, making installation simple.

This easy installation offers instant monitoring so that you can immediately open your business or gain a certificate for occupancy faster for new buildings. It’s also cost-effective and simple to expand.

For these and many other reasons, Tulsa and OKC business owners are choosing MacNet as their burglar alarm monitoring service. Call Mac Systems in both Tulsa and OKC to learn more about this reliable, cost-effective wireless alarm monitoring.