Most business owners understand how vital it is to have an alarm monitoring service for their company.  Fire alarms or security systems in themselves can only send for help as far as the alarm can be heard in or near the building. Thus, to adequately protect a company, fire or burglar alarms must be monitored by an outside source, preferably 24 hours a day. But which Tulsa or Oklahoma City alarm monitoring service is right for your business? And should you choose a local or national monitoring company?

A growing number of Oklahoma business owners are choosing MacNet wireless alarm monitoring to watch over their facilities. This local commercial alarm monitoring service offers a number of cost-saving and reliability benefits.

A more dependable monitoring system. The MacNet alarm monitoring system offers a much more reliable way of monitoring your business because of its wireless mesh radio technology. MacNet transceivers send signals to the central monitoring station using a private mesh radio communication network. This system uses a redundancy of multiple signal paths that either go directly from the transceiver to the central station or, if needed, they can “hop” through other MacNet transceivers along any number of possible routes until it gets to the central station. Either way the signal will get through to the central station – all in 2 seconds or less.

Phone lines can be interrupted as can Internet connections and cellular networks, but wireless two-way radio communications provide a dependable means of sending an alarm signal through to the main station to get help. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the weather or natural disasters or accidents or a third-party service or losing power. With MacNet, you’re monitoring service will always be up and running.

Immediate alarm monitoring and hassle-free installation.  Because MacNet doesn’t depend on a third-party communication source, it can immediately begin to monitor and protect your business. This means you can gain a certificate of occupancy faster or open immediately after installation with these NFPA 72 compliant and UL Listed systems.

As a wireless system, it offers more flexibility with installation compared to wired systems and is infinitely scalable. This easy-to-install system – with no cabling or IT needed – means maintenance and diagnostics can often be done remotely. Businesses that are in remote or hard-to-reach areas can find this reliable monitoring and easy maintenance particularly helpful.

Lower alarm monitoring costs. As a stand-alone communications network, MacNet can help lower your monitoring costs by eliminating the need for third-party communication services. This also means no longer having the costly upgrades, sunsets, or mandatory hikes in fees that are often associated with third-party communications. Your MacNet system will not be subject to technological enhancements or trade-outs.

Local, one-stop-shop service. As a local Tulsa and OKC alarm monitoring company, we can provide you with the fastest and most personalized service available. We offer 24-hour monitoring and 24-hour emergency technical service and support. As a local company, we know the local emergency service personnel and we understand what’s happening in your local neighborhood.

As a complete fire protection and security company, we can take care of all your fire alarm or security system design, installation, inspection, and maintenance needs from start to finish. So with Mac Systems our MacNet wireless monitoring, you can have one company handle everything you need when it comes to fire protection and security.

Alarm monitoring is crucial to protecting your company, and MacNet wireless alarm monitoring in Tulsa and OKC offers fast, reliable service along with hassle-free, cost-effective benefits. Contact us today to learn more about how MacNet can help keep your business safe!